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2017-09-24 19:26:59 by Malaxiao

Made a Pateron account. Go there if you'd like to see some exclusive and awesome content!


2017-07-02 02:01:53 by Malaxiao

Digital art is fuckin hard as balls


2017-02-11 05:26:15 by Malaxiao

Expect more art pieces coming soon. Sorry if Ive been inactive, but I'm busy with school and shit. Laters.

On BReak!!

2016-12-20 03:40:09 by Malaxiao

Fuck yes, Im on winter break! Now i have time to post some shit ive been working on!!

Busy af again

2016-10-27 22:06:36 by Malaxiao

Been quite busy with school recently. Still drawing stuff but havent got the time/drive to finsih some stuff.

Busy af

2016-08-28 23:58:53 by Malaxiao

ahhh, schools beenkillingme recently but I'm still taking requests.

Art requests and art exchanges

2016-06-04 23:57:23 by Malaxiao

WHEEEWWW!!!!!!!!!!! just got outta school!! Taking art requests and and such!!!

Anyone want any art requests??????? Im really anxious to draw some stuff! 


2016-05-03 00:49:48 by Malaxiao

Finals are coming, but that's just some shit I'll get rid of. Requests are up again, but they'll take longer due to finals. Again, I dont do NSFW requests and/or controversial requests, but anything else is fair game! 


2016-04-30 03:21:26 by Malaxiao

jUST GOT HOME After a party. its like 12 or somethin..... imma finish my requests tom morning